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How to easily get the latest Python version on macOS X

Even macOS Sierra comes with an outdated version of python3. But if you or need the actual version of Python there is an easy to get it almost effortless in less than 5 minutes.

Successfully installed Python 3.5.2

All you need is your terminal and Homebrew. Homebrew calls itself “The missing package manager for ...

My (almost) perfect Pelican Workflow

My Pelican workflow consists mainly of three components

  • Sublime Text
  • Git (Bitbucket)
  • Jenkins

The whole Pelican-Project lives in a git repository on Bitbucket. After checking it out to a new machine I simply install all of its depedencies by running pip install -r requirements.txt. Now I am able to ...

Creating your own Vagrant base box

If you work a lot with VMs in you local development environment and wish you could easily reproduce your individual customized VMs, this tutorial is exactly the one you are looking for. I will show you how to create VMs costumized for your needs with just one simple command “vagrant ...

Kibana 4.x als Service unter systemd einrichten

Während Elasticsearch und Logstash mittlerweile komfortabel aus Repositories installiert werden können und eigene Init-Scripte mitbringen, kommt Kibana selbst in der Version 4.3 noch immer nur als gepacktes Archiv daher.

In diesem kleinen Tutorial zeige ich, wie ihr Kibana installiert, ein Unit-File erstellt, um Kibana unter systemd als Service zu ...

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